Kinesio Taping

Dr. Pete Lazarnick (Dr. Pete) in Carrollton, GA is proud to offer revolutionary technology, Kinesio taping (KT) to patients! Designed to help with joint-related pain and sports injury, kinesiology tape is a beneficial tool used in treatment plans. To learn more about KT, visit for more information. 

What is Kinesio Taping?
Kinesiology tape is a therapeutic tape applied to the body to reduce pain and swelling, support joints, and improve function. Unlike other tapes on the market, the Kinesio tape method was first invented in the 1970s for athletes to play and move without restriction.

Your Carrollton, GA chiropractor will apply kinesiology tape using specific patterns depending on the type of injury you’re facing. Most treatments require any excess hair to be trimmed for the tape to adhere to your skin’s surface. To get patients comfortable using the tool even at home, Dr. Pete will walk you through the process of removing and redressing the tape. When using the k…

4 Tips for Computer Users

Spending long hours in front of the screen? The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work, logging into meetings from Zoom instead of the office due to stay-at-home orders. But spending all day on the computer has detrimental effects on your spine health. That’s why Dr. Pete Lazarnick (Dr. Pete) of Carrollton, GA provides expert care and tips for patients who use the computer regularly for their work-related tasks. Here are four tips for computer users.

Proper Posture
Staring at your computer places immense strain on your neck and back. Don’t hunch your back or move your face closer to the screen. Instead, keep your body including your neck and back in a neutral position. Make sure your feet are flat on the ground with elbows remaining on your sides.

Take Breaks
Frequent breaks to stretch and move around are beneficial for lessening the strain that comes from sitting in front of your laptop for long hours. Your Carrollton, GA, chiropractor recommends 15 minutes for a stretch break …

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia is a debilitating condition that primarily targets the lower face and jaw. A painful condition akin to an electric shock passing through your face, trigeminal neuralgia occurs when the trigeminal nerve, which moves sensation between the brain and face, is irritated. Located in Carrollton, GA, Dr. Pete Lazarnick (Dr. Pete) is passionate about helping his patients manage their pain, including those suffering from trigeminal neuralgia. 

Trigeminal neuralgia develops when the trigeminal nerve faces pressure. This happens when the nerve comes in contact with an artery or vein, when the nerve has a tumor, or when a person has Multiple sclerosis (MS). 

Symptoms and Triggers
Trigeminal neuralgia has two types of symptoms: Type I and Type II. 

Type Ⅰ:
Sharp throbbing pin-like pain is usually triggered by touching an area of the body. 

Type Ⅱ:
Less extreme symptoms like burning sensations or dull aching pain on the face. 

Trigeminal neuralgia is spontaneous for many …

Upper Crossed Syndrome

Good posture is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy spinal column. Without it, you’re at risk for developing Upper Crossed Syndrome, a condition that causes people pain all the way from their jaws to their upper backs. We can provide holistic, non-invasive treatments for it at the Carrollton chiropractic office of Dr. Peter Lazarnick (Dr. Pete), but to help our patients avoid it, we need to explain what it is.
If you were to look at someone from the side, you could draw one diagonal line from the top of the center of their shoulders to their pectorals, and an intersecting diagonal from the side of their neck to their upper back. In a person with Upper Crossed Syndrome, the top of the shoulders and pectorals are tight and enlarged from being over active, while their neck and upper back muscles are weak from underuse. This happens when people spend too much time sitting hunched forward. The more they hold this posture, the more their muscles become misshapen, leavi…

Golf Injuries

Lower back pain is a common complaint among golfers. That doesn’t mean golf is bad exercise; besides being something that can be done while physically distancing, it allows you to stretch and absorb sunlight to produce Vitamin D. But golf does have a downside, and at the Carrollton chiropractic office of Dr. Peter Lazarnick (Dr. Pete), we want our patients to understand how they can mitigate their risk, and what options are available to them if they are injured.
Although the perfect golf swing is a smooth motion, even in the best cases it requires the spine to experience torsion at high speed. The lower back, or lumbar region, doesn’t have as much lateral muscle support as other parts of the spinal column. The support it does have is subjected to a large amount of force (torque) during a swing, and spinal discs that are having to take the brunt of the torque could easily fray. The facet joints connecting the backs of the vertebrae may also fracture, allowing the vertebrae to slip sligh…

Hip Bursitis

Do you feel soreness in your hip when you walk upstairs or lie on your side? The problem might not be in the joint. At the Carrollton chiropractic office of Dr. Pete Lazarnick (Dr. Pete), we offer a variety of complementary, uninvasive, non-addictive treatments for all sorts of musculoskeletal problems. Among those problems are hip bursitis, the inflammation of bursae.
A bursa is a sac of fluid that tendons slide over, sparing them from having to rub directly against bony ridges. There are hundreds of them in the body, but the largest and likeliest to be injured are the trochanteric bursae. The trochanteric bursae are located on the outward facing side of each femur on a notch near the top of the bone. When the bursa suffers an acute injury or becomes overused, it becomes inflamed and develops a dull pain, especially when it is subjected to pressure. 
Hip bursitis is more likely to occur in women and older people. We identify it through a combination of x-rays, which may show calcium bu…

Chiropractic Care for Knee Pain

Knee pain can affect anyone, from a professional football player to somebody just running errands on a Sunday. It is, unfortunately, a common occurrence that usually goes ignored. Leaving knee pain untended will progress whatever problem is going on into something worse. Dr. Pete Lazarnick “Dr. Pete” in Carrollton, GA, will help alleviate your knee pain. Dr. Pete also wants to prevent it from coming back with careful manipulation, stretching, and adjustments.

The knee is responsible for balance and stability and happens to be the joint in the body that bears the most weight. If you notice any knee pain while sitting, walking, or going up and down the stairs, these are all indications that something is wrong. Additionally, any clicking, popping or grinding sounds while kneeling or squatting indicate knee damage. Dr. Pete approaches knee pain treatment with a combination of therapies that integrate the strengthening and stretching of the knee with chiropractic adjustments.

Unlike your pri…