Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC)

The human spine is made up of vertebras. When one of these vertebrae become misaligned or out of place, pressure is placed on the nerves, blood vessels, and other surrounding structures. This is referred to as the Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC). Dr. Pete Lazarnick (Dr. Pete) can evaluate and treat VSC through a repositioning of the vertebra back into place.

There are many different causes of VSC. A minor slip or bump can cause misalignment, along with more serious trauma like a car accident. It is best to seek medical treatment as soon as you experience back pain after an injury. VSC disrupts the nerve pathways in the spine, interrupting necessary messages to and from the brain. Over time, the spine and disc will begin to degenerate.

Spinal degeneration is very serious and can be difficult to treat. As the spine degenerates, the muscles, nerves, and bones adapt to the new shape. The longer left untreated, the more the body adjusts and the harder it is to adjust back to normal.

VSC c…


Dr. Pete Lazarnick (Dr. Pete) treats a variety of chiropractic conditions, including sciatic pain. Sciatica is less of a medical condition and more of a symptom. When one is experiencing sciatic pain, what they are really saying is that their sciatic nerve is irritated or pinched. Dr. Peter Lazarnick (Dr. Pete) can perform a physical examination and create a treatment plan just for you.

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body. It runs all the way through the torso, buttocks, and legs. Sciatica is often caused by herniated or bulging discs, spinal stenosis, or spinal misalignment. If you are experiencing sharp, burning sensations through the buttocks or legs, lower back pain, tingling or loss of sensation in the extremities, or difficulty controlling your legs or feet, don’t wait to contact Dr. Pete Lazarnick (Dr. Pete).

Until the cause of the tension is found, you will not be able to properly heal. Sciatic pain may come and go irregularly. Often, traditional medical treatment…

Interferential Current Therapy (ICT)

Dr. Pete Lazarnick (Dr. Pete) offers Interferential Current Therapy (ICT) to patients at our office in Carrollton, GA. ICT is a form of microcurrent therapy. It’s an effective method for treating pain and kickstarting the healing process. It is a deeper and more successful form of electrical stimulation.

At your treatment consultation, Dr. Pete Lazarnick (Dr. Pete) will place electrodes onto your skin. They are mainly situated around the injured area. The interferential current is started, transmitting electrical impulses to the electrodes. These are then absorbed by your skin. This is felt by your underlying tissue and nerves. The impulses are not painful, described as a prickle on the skin. Your body reacts to these impulses by starting your own natural healing.

ICT is successful in treating circulatory and muscle disorders. It’s also used for stiff joints, joint injuries, edema, inflammation, and muscle spasms. There are many advantages to ICT. It is a safe way to eliminate the pain …

Ice Pack Cryotherapy (IPC)

Ice Pack Cryotherapy (IPC) is a treatment technique that utilizes cold compresses to the skin, reducing temperature and constricting blood vessels. It helps with pain, swelling, and inflammation. Dr. Pete Lazarnick (Dr. Pete) offers ice pack cryotherapy at our office in Carrollton, GA.

Ice pack cryotherapy is a large scale version of icing an injury. It’s a full body healing technique that applies the exact same logic. It’s a great way to treat muscle spasms while numbing the painful areas. The cooling effect of the treatment brings relief to injured soft tissue. It is most often used in sports medicine, but Dr. Pete Lazarnick (Dr. Pete) offers ICP to all patients.

There is a multitude of beneficial results of IPC. On the cellular level, it results in a decrease in cellular metabolism and an increase in cellular survival. It stimulates endorphins, the body's natural pain relievers. It gives pain relief from illnesses such as insomnia, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, and itching…

Getting the Right Shoes

Lower back pain is the most common reason for Americans to miss work. We offer non-addictive treatments for it at the Carrolton chiropractic office of Dr. Pete Lazarnick (Dr. Pete), but we also want our patients to know to keep their lower backs aligned. One of the most important aspects of that is picking the right footwear.
When the arches of the feet are supported, it will be easier for the wearer to maintain good posture. Shoes should support the sides of the arches as well as the bottoms; flats, flip-flops, and dress shoes generally don’t do that. The most reliably supportive shoes are sneakers, which are made of breathable material and have padded tongues and collars to support the ankle. A good athletic shoe will have grip but not be too bulky. Running shoes will need to be replaced every few months.
When people shop for shoes, they should do so later in the day. At that time, their feet will have stretched out a bit from bearing their weight for hours and they’ll be able to get …

Strong Cores to Prevent Injuries

A healthy lifestyle is essential to preventing back injuries. At the Carrolton chiropractic practice of Dr. Peter Lazarnick (Dr. Pete) we recommend physical therapy as part of our rehabilitative program. Patients should always seek guidance from a professional when determining what work-out routines are safe for them, but there are some basic aspects of core strengthening that form a common basis for therapy.
Our abdominal muscles go several layers deep. The outermost one, the rectus abdominus, is the one people refer to as “abs,” but it has the least important role in stabilizing the spinal column. Beneath it are two layers of oblique muscles, which help the spinal column to pivot, and the transverse abdominis, which binds the organs. There are several muscles that link the vertebrae together and need to be kept flexible, the largest of which are the multifidus muscles. Some of the pelvic muscles can also be considered part of the core because they attach to the lower spine and help t…


If you are suffering from migraines, Dr. Pete Lazarnick (Dr. Pete) can help you treat them. Migraines can cause occur in any part of your head or in one specific location.
While the exact cause of migraines isn’t known, studies have linked migraines to a chemical imbalance.  Serotonin levels, which help to regulate pain in your nervous system, drops during migraines and can cause your trigeminal nerve to release a substance called neuropeptides that result in migraine pain. Certain foods can cause migraines as well as stress and hormonal changes for women. 
When possible, we encourage our patients that work at a desk to practice good posture. Having poor posture can lead to spinal misalignment and fatigue in the head, neck, and shoulders. While at work, make sure your feet are on the ground and your back is pressed firmly against the back of your chair to prevent back and neck pain. 
Migraines are extremely painful and can make it nearly impossible to perform everyday activities. Dr. Pet…